Relieving Gastric Pressure with FARRELL* Valve System

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Have Confidence Relieving Gastric Pressure During Feedings

The FARRELL* Valve System is a closed enteral decompression system intended to allow excess gas to be removed from your stomach (gastric distention/bloating) and to prevent the loss of formula/nutrition, medication, and stomach contents.

Troubleshooting Tips and Additional Information

  1. If the patient’s stomach is bloated or swollen due to pressure from inside, then manually reduce the pressure with a syringe before using the FARRELL* Valve System.
  2. When giving patient’s medication, use the access port on the feeding tube if possible. Close the blue clamp before opening the feeding tube access port. Administer medication and close the feeding tube access port. Wait 5-10 minutes before re-opening the blue clamp.
  3. Patients on very low volume feeds (neonates) may require substantially longer time (60-90 minutes) to establish flow in the FARRELL* tubing before opening the white roller clamp in step 9 of the FARRELL* Valve System Guide (electronic copy available in Resource section below). In neonates, the FARRELL* bag and pump should be located as close to the patient’s stomach as possible.
  4. When FARRELL* is working correctly, formula/nutrition may continuously move up and down the FARRELL* tubing. Normal height of formula/nutrition in the FARRELL* tubing should be slightly above the patient’s stomach level.
  5. Do NOT allow all of the formula/nutrition in the formula bag/syringe to back up into the FARRELL* bag. All of the formula/nutrition should not move from the formula bag/syringe to the FARRELL* bag.
  6. If a blockage in the feeding tube is suspected, then close the blue clamp and disconnect FARRELL* from the feeding tube extension set. Check for blockages in the feeding tube. Once the blockage is removed, then reconnect FARRELL* and use as instructed.
  7. If a large volume of formula/nutrition is in the FARRELL* tubing and bag after removing a blockage, then adjust the white roller clamp to prevent the formula/nutrition from free-flowing into the patient’s stomach.
  8. In step 7 of the FARRELL* Valve System Guide (electronic copy available in Resource section below), if the patient has a Low Profile Feeding Tube, before starting to feed, attach the FARRELL* tubing to the extension set, which is not attached to the feeding tube, and allow the formula/nutrition to fill the FARRELL* tubing and the extension set until it reaches 1 inch from the end of the extension set. Then, close the blue clamp on the FARRELL* tubing. Do not let formula/nutrition go into the feeding tube yet. Note: Allowing formula to go into the extension set before starting to feed prevents additional air in the extension set from being pushed into the patient’s stomach.
  9. When the patient is finished feeding, close the white roller clamp and the blue clamp before disconnecting FARRELL* from the feeding tube or extension set.

There are inherent risks in all medical devices. Please refer to the product labeling for Indications, Cautions, Warnings and Contraindications.