Your Questions, Answered! Balloon Water

By November 16, 2017 Newsletter

We get many unique questions on our My MIC-KEY* Facebook page every day. From time-to-time, we feature real questions asked by some of you and share the answers to help us all learn from one another.

This month, we’re answering a question from Emily P. regarding the water that fills the feeding tube balloon.

Q: How often is it optimal to change the water out? Does it even matter since it’s a closed system and the water doesn’t affect the site or tube itself?

A: These are great questions, Emily! Per the guidance in our MIC-KEY* G-Tube Use and Care guidelines, you should check the volume of water in the balloon at least once a week. To do this, attach the luer slip syringe to the balloon port and withdraw all the water while leaving the feeding tube in place. If there is less fluid than the amount originally prescribed, replace it with the prescribed amount. Distilled or sterile water is a good choice for the replacement fluid once the stoma site has healed. You should never fill the balloon with air. Air will rapidly migrate out of the balloon and the MIC-KEY* feeding tube will not stay in place.

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