Your Questions, Answered! Balloon Water Part 2

By January 22, 2018 Newsletter

We get many unique questions on our My MIC-KEY* Facebook page every day. From time-to-time, we feature real questions asked by some of you and share the answers to help us all learn from one another.

In November, we featured a question from Emily P. regarding the water that fills the feeding tube balloon. She wanted to know how often the water should be replaced. Check out our answer here.

In response to this Q&A, “KP” asked another great question regarding the water that fills the feeding tube balloon.

Q: Why sterile or distilled water? Why not just tap water?

A: Thanks for the great follow-up question, KP! The product labeling states—as approved by the FDA—that our balloon-retained feeding tubes should be filled with either distilled or sterile water versus tap water because we don’t know exactly what, if any, contaminants or foreign matter might be present in tap water at any given time. Those contaminants (e.g., sodium levels, lead, etc.) could have an impact on the integrity and lifespan of the balloon. For example, some states don’t always comply with the EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Act, so we are not comfortable making the recommendation that tap water be used to fill the balloon component.

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