Your Questions, Answered! Outgrowing Your Tube

By October 19, 2017 Newsletter

We get many unique questions on our My MIC-KEY* Facebook page every day. From time-to-time, we feature real questions asked by some of you and share the answers to help us all learn from each other.

This month, we’re featuring a question about how to know when you or your loved one has outgrown your current feeding tube (from Sarah G).

Question: I am a home care nurse with a 5-year-old client who has had the same size MIC-KEY* button since 11 months old. How do we know when he needs a larger size?

Answer: The best way to truly know is to have your client’s physician take a measurement with a stoma measuring device. In general, there should be the space about the thickness of a dime in between the external bolster of the tube and the skin. If your client has a G-Tube, then you should be able to easily rotate the tube as a part of daily tube care and proper maintenance. Thanks for your question, Sarah!

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