By October 11, 2018 October 16th, 2018 Newsletter

As we continue to help improve the wellbeing of enteral feeding consumers and provide patients with optimal medical care, we’re excited to announce that the Medical Device division of Halyard Health is now Avanos Medical!

Avanos is a medical technology company focused on delivering clinically superior breakthrough medical device solutions to improve patients’ quality of life. As a new company, we will continue to deliver you with the same great products, same dependable quality of enteral feeding products and the same trusted service and support that our patients and caregivers are accustomed to.

We are fully vested in getting you back to the things that matter—family, friends and  community. So, at Avanos, our goal is to continue to provide products that will allow for you to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

Over time, you’ll see product and packaging changes reflecting the transition from Halyard to Avanos, as well as changes to mic-key.com with the Avanos branding.

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