8 Facts for the 8th Annual Feeding Tube Awareness Week

By December 18, 2017 Newsletter

The 8th Annual Feeding Tube Awareness Week is just over a month away. Whether you’ve never heard of Feeding Tube Awareness (FTA) Week or have participated for years, we’ve put together a list of 8 things you need to know to get educated, involved and prepared for this year’s “event”.

  1. The 2018 Awareness Week will take place February 5 – 9. Each year, the week is scheduled near Valentine’s Day because, “We LOVE Our Tubies!”.
  2. Each year has a theme. The 2018 theme is still a mystery, but check the website for it to be announced soon! You can peruse past themes here.
  3. Participation is heavily focused on digital activities…but you don’t have to keep it all online. Whether it’s conversations around the dinner table, organizing a walk or something else, Participants are encouraged to raise awareness however they can.
  4. You could be on the news! Speaking of offline activities, that can also mean contacting your local media. Many participants have been successful obtaining news coverage in their local papers and even on their local television news. Click here for tips on how to talk to the media.
  5. You don’t have to have a feeding tube to participate. As awareness is the essence of this annual event, anyone and everyone with a passion for feeding tubes is welcomed and encouraged to participate. This could include friends, family and neighbors to doctors and other healthcare professionals.
  6. There’s tons of swag! From shirts to bumper stickers and even temporary tattoos, don’t forget to shop the FTA Store for all your Awareness Week gear. Handing out goodies, like stickers and buttons, is a great way to pique curiosity and spread awareness.
  7. You don’t have to start from scratch. If this is your first time participating and you have no clue how or where to start, the Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation has several resources you can use. Click here for social media assets, suggestions for educating your clinical team and more.
  8. Awareness is year-round. FTA Week is a great way to jump-start your awareness efforts, but why stop after one week? Help keep the conversation going when you join the FTA Community on Facebook.

Do you plan to participate in Feeding Tube Awareness Week? Let us know on Facebook!