Real-life Stories

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Real-life Stories

Inspired by You!

The My MIC-KEY Community is growing

Every day, MIC-KEY users and caregivers share their experiences on our Facebook page. Check out this video to see real life MIC-KEY users in action.  Thanks to all of you who helped make this video possible!

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Share your Real-life Story

Do you have a Real-Life Story to tell about your experience with MIC* or MIC-KEY*? Share it here! Who knows, you may give someone else on tube feeding a life-boost they need, just when they need it.

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It's Another Healthful Way to Eat

If you need MIC-KEY* or MIC* feeding because you can't eat or can't eat enough, you still get balanced nutrition we all get from food. You just get it through a tube instead of through your mouth. 

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MIC-KEY* Tube Care & Usage

Get all the information you need in the MIC-KEY* tube Care & Usage guide as well as MIC* and MIC-KEY* tube brochures. 

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Information Is

Have you'll find detailed information about filing claims with Medicaid, Medicare, and directly with your health plan. 

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