Are you Limited By Your Feeding Tube?

Meet Rick Davis

Rick is the first enteral tube feeder to be nominated and serve as president of the Oley Foundation. He's also a board member of the National Ability Center, the American Stroke Association and is president of his local men's club.

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Meet Joey Schwartz

Two things have been true for Joey Schwartz since he was born prematurely in January 1989-he has always been a fighter and he has received most of his nutrition through a feeding tube.

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The need for enteral feeding can be emotionally complex and limit tube users lifestyle choices. Traditional feeding tubes may be difficult to conceal, visible through clothing and pose increased risk of snagging and removal - all of which can limit your activities.

The MIC-KEY* Low-Profile Feeding Tube for Adults sits at skin level to help give you more freedom and mobility.



MIC-KEY* Low-Profile Feeding Tube for Adults


  • Sits at skin level
  • Easy to conceal
  • Limited interference with clothing
  • Various sizes for adults
  • Enables you to enjoy life to the fullest



Versus Traditional Feeding Tube


  • Longer tubes may limit mobility
  • More difficult to conceal; often secured with unappealing medical tape
  • Outline may be visible through clothing
  • May disrupt daily activities
  • May pose increased risk of accidental tube removal


Print this informational flyer to use when you talk with your medical professional to see if you (or your loved one) is right for the Mic-Key* Low Profile Feeding Tube.