Enteral Feeding
Treatment Options

Long a leader in Digestive Health, Halyard is pleased to provide MIC-KEY* and MIC* tube (enteral) feeding products and accessories
—used by many thousands of people like you to maintain nutritional well-being.

Enteral Feeding for Any Age

MIC-KEY* Feeding Tubes Give More Freedom & Mobility for Infants, Children, Teens & Adults

The need for enteral feeding can be emotionally complex and limit your lifestyle choices. Traditional feeding tubes may be difficult to conceal, visible through clothing and pose increased risk of snagging and removal – all of which can limit your activities.

Treatment Options by Activity Level

ACTIVE MOBILITY (low-profile/skin level tube)

MIC-KEY* Enteral Feeding Tubes go hand-in-hand with an active lifestyle, freeing children and adults alike to be more mobile and enjoy life to the fullest while ensuring their nutritional health and well-being.

LIMITED MOBILITY (standard tube)

MIC* Enteral Feeding Tubes are recognized around the world as leading the way in longer-term feeding regimens.